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Welcome to CIESCIES is an institution which provides access to training and education in English language to improve the technical and technological performance done by its students once they have graduated from college.

The students carry out a curricular program through lesson books and class activities following a communicative approach to speak real English during the class. They are also able to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) meanwhile they develop their curricular plan. This format of language learning allows the students to enrich their acquisition process of a foreign language, but without a possibility of a dual immersion, in which the students would spend a considerable time immersed in english, it is necessary to make them practice more time outside of the classroom besides the regular schedule by themselves.

Nowadays, we can see how the Internet has revolutionized the world since the way and speed at which anyone from anywhere can access to information is essential in our lives. Education around the world has been favored by this huge change considering plenty of alternatives that a student can find to take advantage of this tool which facilitates the building of communicative skills through multimedia and online applications, reading stuff, grammar instruction as well as of a chance of interacting with people worldwide.

Throughout education history many methods have been developed around the world such as Grammar-Translation or Direct Method, Audio-Lingual, Communicative language Teaching, Language Immersion, the Silent Way, Suggestopedia, the Natural Approach, Total Physical Response, Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling and Dogme Language Teaching, to mention some of them. On the other side the implementation of the Autonomous Learning has facilitated the accessibility to english as a Second Language thanks to the massive internet use, it means that anyone from any economic stratum has greater opportunities to gain knowledge about a foreign language.  Since higher education demand has greatly increased in recent years, a combination of face-to-face teaching and autonomous virtual learning would be carry out in a way that is relevant to the needs of the population.

Working on the quality, this year CIES has made an agreement with BERLITZ which is a prestigious international language school with many years of experience on English teaching. Certainly this latter has incorporated the Internet as a primordial resource to be in keeping with today’s technology and the rapidly changing. BERLITZ counts on a dynamic platform and standard online tests which measures the progress of students providing the opportunity to certify users according to their linguistic proficiency at each of the six levels on the scale of the Common European Framework. All this effort made by CIES has got a positive answer among the students and, for sure, the managing staff led by the principal, Mr. Luis Criollo, expects a greater flow of students and a full commitment on the part of them.


 Department of English.

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